Hey,​ ​ ​My name is Diana and I’m a Singer-Songwriter from Germany

The typical first question I am always asked is: ‘Since when are you singing and writing your own songs?’ ​

To be honest I don’t really know when I started singing, I think I was always obsessed with music and the idea of sharing my thoughts with people.​

I love what I’m doing and I think this is the most important point. Without this love I couldn’t write my heart out in every single song.​ To me, music is a very magical way to describe feelings and handle all kind of situations life gives us and this is exactly why I started writing my first own songs in 2012.​

​At this time I also taught myself how to play guitar and with this step my thoughts and experiences, which I wrote down in lyrics got more and more real, because I had the chance to give my songs the last but most important touch – the melody.​

​Over time I wrote more and more songs about everything that mattered in my life:​ Love “friendship” “extreme situations” “anger” “happieness” “destiny” “the past” the future and all the things and feelings in between.​

​In 2013 I finally had the chance to record my first own album called ‘Scars & Souvenirs’ and with this a real dream of mine came true.​ ​

Now I can really share my music with everybody and on this way I just want to let you make your own opinion about my work and passion and thank you once again for supporting and believing in me. ​ ​ ​

Diana and the music