Yeeeey I’m soooo happy, exactly ONE year ago ‘Scars&Souvenirs’ was presented to you for the very first time!I want to thank everyone once again, who made that evening so incredibly! I was so happy you were there to celebrate the beginning of something so great, with me and my band (:

Unbelivable how fast a year went by, especially because of all those great memories I made with you. Thinking back of the time, how excited and afraid I was, if you would really like ‘Scars&Souvenirs’ and if there would be more to come, I can now say: There is more to come – this is just the beginning! =) 2013/2014 was a great year, I was able to work with so many talented musicians, a great videomaker, the funniest recordstudio ever and the coolest DJ on earth ;)

There is a funny and cute story I want to share with you: Some years ago, before I even thought about ever writing my own songs, me and my former band went to a festival called ‘Schlossgrabenfest’ and there was an amazing band playing, they are called ‘Sunrise Avenue’. They have a song called ‘Hollywood Hills’ and by that time I was just about to fly to my big adventure of moving to Los Angeles (to the real Hollywood Hills :D ) for the summer. The great summer , all these amazing memories, the song, the band, the dancing people and the sunset – everything seemed so perfect and I thought ‘One day, I will be playing a concert at this festival as well, doesn’t matter how much I have to work for it…one day!’ and this year, after releasing my first own album, after playing so many great concerts, after working as much as I could, my dream is becoming true! And I can’t wait to share this moment with ALL OF YOU!

And not enough! As I told you, there is more to come and here it is:

The festival is called “OSTHAFEN FESTIVAL“, and we will be playing on: 28.June from 21.50 till 23.20!

You’ll find more information about it on my Facebook page!

Thank you once again for you support. Can’t wait to see you!!!

Cheers! (: